Thursday, 21 July 2011


Well, I didn't end up being in the waiting room for long, probably 20 minutes or something like that before being called through to the next room. There I waited for only about 2 more minutes before being called through to see one of the orthopaedic docs. He was a nice chap, or at
Least I thought so until he pulled the old "finger trick". He was flanked by a couple of students on work experience, thankfully they didn't get involved in the magic show. I think they might have got a butchers at my balls before they left though, they looked pleased about something. Once I'd been examined I was wheeled down to the radiology department to have an emergency MRI as there was some concern that the bulge in the disc may have been compressing the nerves which supply my bladder and bowels. Apparently this is an emergency situation if found to be the case and often requires emergency surgery
(#news flash#, they just brought someone in handcuffs in! I can hear what's going on but in the interest of his dignity I shan't print it here!)
So after another short wait I had my scan and got wheeled back to the ward, which is where I am now. Chris tells me that the spinal consultant is in charge today so will be looking at my scan, I really hope that I don't need an operation, I want to go on't barge.

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