Sunday, 17 July 2011

Time is ticking

As the day approaches I am finding myself quite looking forward to starting my yearsansbeer. I'm still quite apprehensive about what its going to be like, not bringing a pint to my lips for a whole year, not discovering a new ale or sipping a glass of red whilst eating a cheese, but overall I am exited to start. It's still quite strange at the moment because, nobody knows about it. I decided not to tell anyone at first because I wanted to be completely sure that I was going to go through with it. I have this habit of getting really exited about something that I'm going to do, telling everyone about it and then giving up on the idea before I even start. So at this stage nobody knows, well I did mention it to a mate at work so I could get some advice, he was really into the straight edge music scene and he didn't drink for 7 years. He loves Henry Rollins, he has his face tattooed on his arse. This weekend I'm going to be cruising the Trent Mersey canal with George, my Mum and Dad and our Vic n Paddy So I'm going to spill the beans about it then. I think they'll be surprised and probably won't believe me so I've had some business cards made up with the blog address and charity page address to make it look more authentic!
 I like knowing that I'm going to be embarking on something which is quite a big deal to me and nobody else knowing about it, but I'm trying to squeeze "last drinks" in with everyone without them knowing and I really want to tell everyone! Once I've told everyone this weekend then I think I'm going to start telling my mates next week. Unfortunately I won't be going back up to Chorley before I start this so I'm not going to be able to have a few with the boys back up there, maybe I'll arrange some kind of web link up session.
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