Tuesday, 2 August 2011


So onto my last day, I'm still trying to catch up with myself as I didn't get a chance to post much over the weekend. Sunday was a really good day. I woke up feeling reasonably well considering. Unfortunately George had to work so I got up with her and opened my cards n pressies before she went off. Thank you everyone!
As it was my birthday I decided to go to the cinema where I was joined by the afore mentioned AliT. We have an excellent art house cinema in Brighton called the Duke of York's Picture House. It's a lovely old fashioned pictures with a varied schedule of films you would rarely get a chance to see at a multiplex style cinema. We went to watch a documentary called "cave of forgotten dreams" by German auteur Werner Herzog. Did I mention there is a bar?...
Needless to say we had a pint whilst watching the film (which is excellent by the way). Then another on the balcony once it was over (see photo).
Afterwards we went to meet another friend of ours and AliT's partner in the shop where I work, Tim. I had a few pints of Harveys best, its become one of my favourite drinks since I've been down here, along with their seasonal old ale it's a piggin cracker! We had a proper good roast and a nice bottle of white too before heading up the road to sample a bit of blue moon. That's another excellent drink, completely different to Harveys, it's an American craft beer not dissimilar to Hoegarden, well worth a try if you spot it.

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