Monday, 1 August 2011

Final week

This week is flying by, I feel like I'm on death row. Counting down the moments until my last drink. This week has been put to good use thus far though, on Wednesday I was duped into thinking we were going round our friends Helen and chris' for tea, only to arrive there and be told that we were off down the Regency for us scran. The regency is a famous fish restaurant on the seafront which, over the years has been frequented by many famous faces, such as chiko (chiko time) Lenny henry (there's only one thing that's small and that's the price time) and mc hammer...
It's a great restaurant that serves cracking unpretentious food and we had a great night. We supped a nice white but I can't remember what it was, a few beers and finished off with a wee whiskey. I don't take it very often but I do enjoy the occasional tot. Thanks a lot guys.
On Thursday we were round Gemma and Ryan's with Helen and Ryan for another great night. We had some WWF on't telly n some ale in us belly and we ate some decent Mexican food. We were treated again as the guys clubbed together and bought us dinner for two at the Grand hotel for our 30th's. We are really looking forward to going down there, cheers amigos!
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